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Science as we know it today would be simply impossible without a multitude of critical services that enable scientists to connect and to collaborate, to share and to disseminate knowledge. These infrastructures often remain in the background and only become visible when they no longer work. But what kind of infrastructure fits the demands of increasingly networked research? Who should build it and make it available? Who may use it and who may not? Our next dossier will deal with the topic of research infrastructure. Join us on the search for answers in the upcoming weeks!

What is this blog about?

This blog is not about actual elephants, it is about science.

But we are not covering the latest findings in elementary particle physics or essays on Luhmann’s system theory. This blog is about those untackled problems in science that everyone sees but nobody talks about.

Looked at in this way, this blog is about elephants after all: Elephants in the lab. One by one we will spot these elephants and discuss ways to tackle them and as we go along. And: Every post on this blog is actually citable with a separate DOI.




The Need for an African Lightsource

Setting up new infrastructures would play an important role in preventing best-trained African researchers from emigrating. The physicist Prosper Ngabonziza states that having a synchrotron light source would be very beneficial for the continent as a whole.