Bold ideas and critical thoughts on science.


Academia – we would like to imagine, is a place where collaboration outweighs competition, recognition is tied only to merit and resources are equally distributed.  However, we know in reality that the playing field is not equal for all participants and a select few often possess more power and privilege than others. This power imbalance does not only promote egocentric practices, inequalities and hierarchies,  but also diminishes opportunities for innovation and good scientific practice, as well as increases the likelihood of mental health issues.
We would like to invite you to add your voice to our discussion on power in academia and welcome contributions that identify both disempowerment and actions of empowerment. Together let’s discuss:

– Where and how is power exercised or abused? And how can this be addressed?
– What practices and mechanisms are ensuring an equal workplace or perpetuating inequalities?
– How can we improve leadership and working conditions in academia / science?

We look forward to hearing about your personal experiences as well as your reflections on the experiences of academics in general, institutional practices and system-level trends.


Tear down this invisible wall

Katrin Frisch on encounters with the different forms of west german hegemony throughout her scientific training and everyday working life in academia.