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#GlobalScience: is science really global?

When talking about Science, it is very common to state that it is global per se. Good Science, we often say, knows no borders and is always international. But is this true? Do normative statements like these really reflect scientific practice? We want to take a closer look at this globalized science – especially beyond the predominant powerhouses – and reflect on its preconditions of access to and interaction in the international scientific realm. What does the supremacy of a handful of scientific regions imply when it comes to all the infrastructures that science needs – like journals, conferences, labs and even the digital ones? How are the national and regional scientific discourses linked to the global level where English is still the prevailing language? We want to read our scientific evidence about the state of global science as well as your opinions and bold ideas on where science could do better. 


Picture it! What data visualizations can do for science

Nowadays, there is an ever increasing number of visualizations in papers: statistical results, maps, social networks, you name it. But despite technological advances and modern approaches to data visualization, published infographics remain mostly static. What opportunities does science miss by sticking to this (outdated) state-of-the-art? Can publications benefit from the tools and approaches already employed in data science or data-driven journalism? What better ways are there for telling stories with interactive graphs or web apps to make research more compelling?
Bringing together scientists and data visualization specialists, we give you an insight into the world of visual representations and discuss new ways to explore data. We will encounter the good, the bad, and the beautiful side of data visualizations and give you some inspiration for your own research. Just picture it!


A groundbreaking DEAL?

Marcel Knöchelmann takes a look on the DEAL-Wiley Agreement, details of the contract reveal that this new big deal may come at a high cost.