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Special Issue: Science during COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to science and higher education. Scientists are working hard on solutions to highly complex problems. They are working flat out on finding cures and vaccines. They must assess the consequences of the pandemic for society. They have to advise politicians and provide information to a highly agitated public. And all of this within a climate of extreme uncertainty. 

We are looking for contributions to the following questions:
– How will science respond?
– How will academic institutions react?
– How do science and society interact in times of crisis?
– How does university teaching adjust to this?
– And what could the crisis mean for science and (higher)
education in the long run?

In this special issue we would like to discuss these developments.
We welcome contributions that deal with the crisis and that may also offer a glimmer of hope.


The Need for an African Lightsource

Setting up new infrastructures would play an important role in preventing best-trained African researchers from emigrating. The physicist Prosper Ngabonziza states that having a synchrotron light source would be very beneficial for the continent as a whole.