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What is Scientific Impact?
Societal challenges like migration movements, climate change, or digitization show that there is a pressing need for informed expertise from virtually all fields of research. Yet, scientific knowledge often remains within its domain and reaches civil society only indirectly and delayed. In a 5-year citation window, 27% of the papers from natural sciences and 32% of the papers from social sciences remain uncited. Expressed pointedly: While the need for scientific expertise is perhaps greater than ever, scientists produce papers that nobody reads. Moreover, neologisms like “alternative facts” suggest a noticeable loss of the scientific authority in the public opinion. All this raises a difficult question: What is the impact of science? In the next couple of weeks we will address this issue in more detail.

Short Analysis

How we overestimate Twitter

Twitter is a centerpiece of modern public communication. But the question must be asked: Is Twitter worth all that attention?



Authorship revised

Do you want a piece of the cake? Making a compromise between 2.1 and 1.268


Decentralizing Science

The case for decentralized, trusted platforms for the dissemination of scientific information and attribution.

The reason to do science

Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson researches the Earth’s structure. In his opinion, scientists have to care more about informing their findings to policymakers.

Revolution in science

Open Science advocate Shakib Wassey tells how a digital platform for open scientific publication and interactive evaluation could change scientific publishing.

Putting data before the carrot

Self-citations and academic assessments: Including the s-index as an additional metric thus provides important context to guide decisions based on academic value.